Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 Michel has been excellent and efficient in his handling of our financial affairs for many years. He was recommended to us by one of our colleagues, and since then he has assisted us with our personal and corporate income, taxes, investments, insurance, and retirement planning. We have known him ever since moving to North Bay in 2016. After a few sessions with him, we realized that our financial lives were better organized. We have recommended him to a number of our friends. His quality of service is above and beyond and the best part is that he’s just a phone call away. 

Dr.Irfan Khan & Aafreen Khan


 It's possible like us you do not have the financial planning gene to implement or to understand. Then you need someone like Michel LeBoeuf. Amazingly, he took charge (with our agreement and confidence) and created a plan to get us out of our muddled financial maze to a successful retirement plan. We were 60ish when we became clients. 

Alan & Kathy


 Michel and his team have been managing both our personal and business investments for the past five years. Michel has helped us to reduce taxes and capitalize on our investments, but what has amazed me the most is that his sensible investment strategies ensured that recent global catastrophes resulted in a minimal impact on our bottom line and worked. 

Joy & Stan